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PCI Express対応製品 ギガチャネル
4Gbps High-speed
Optical Communication Board


AGM-741 is a card type GiGA CHANNEL module. which enables communication in your equipment with 4.25Gbps hight-speed serial bus.
It allows easy implementable by connecting optical cable in AGM-741 to connecting equipment with memory-like interface.
Since communication protocol processing is performed on the hardware, no special processing is necessary.


Patent acquisition

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice


●MAX 64unit connectibility
●Optical cable connection between boards
●Simple protocol
●Easy data sharing amang different systems or different OS
●4.25Gbps communication rate
●Hardware Communications
●Supports Iinterrupt of arbitrary internode communication

Add 4Gbps Transfer function to your Unit

AGM-741 incorporates easily 4Gbps transfer function on your original board.



Host I/F
AVALDATA Original Bus(66MHz/64bit/2.5V)
Communication Format
Optical fiver/4.25Gbps ×1ch
Transfer rate: 4.25Gbps
Transfer mode: Multi Mode
Internodal distance: 150m(MAX) *1
Laser format: 850nm VCSEL
Laser safety standards: Class 1

Communication Connector &Cable
Fiber diameter: 50μm /62.5μm
Connector format: LC connector
Communication Protocol
Original Protocol
Transfer Rate
(Design value)
400MByte/s(MAX) AGM-741 P to P(in connection)

Data Transfer Delay
About 450ns/Node (receive→transfer) (except cable delay )
Connectable Nodes
64 nodes(MAX)
Communication Controller(with FPGA )
AVAL DATA original protocol
90mm×55.88mm (non-projection)
Power Requirements
+3.3V : 2A (MAX)(except inrush current or ripple current)
Environment *2
Temperature: 0℃ to 50℃
Humidity: 35% to 80% (non condensing)

*1: Internodal distance changes depending on fiber diameter of optical cable
*2:Storage environment
  Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃, Humidity: 35% to 80%(non-condensing)

Connectable Products

APX-721 can be connected to following pofucts.
It enables share memory among two or more different platform products or different sysems easily.

PCI Express bus:APX-741

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