17Gbps High-speed Optical Communication Board


GiGA CHANNEL provides large-capacity-data communication between equipments.
It connects in loop the shared memory on the GiGA CHANNEL products which equipped with each nodes using the optical fiber cable, then it enables transfer the frame sequentially with communication data and high-speed data transfer accross it .
It can predict the effective transfer rate without occur the collisions.
Since it supports entire protocol processing completely in hardwar which required for communication, the software performance is reduced.

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The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice


High noise immunity optical fiber connection between boards
PCI-Express 2.0 Gen2(5.0Gbps)4 lane
Up to 17Gbps high-speed data communication
512MByte shared memory
Up to 64 boards connectivity
Up to 150m extensibility of internodal distance *1
Supports entire protocol processing completely in hardware
Ensure reliability for communication data by Hardware CRC check function and
Hardware retry function
Predictable communication delay
Identify disconnected area of cable by LED or software
Memory transfer with built-in DMA controller without passing through the CPU
Built-in doorbell function to interrupt request for other modules
2KByte share register for low-capacity data transfer or status transfer
All of the control is done by single-chip FPGA
Simple data sharing between different OS or different forms of system
Provided Windows/Linux driver

*1 Maximum extensibility may differ from cable specification


Host I/F
PCI Express 2.045.0GT/s
Communication Format

Optical fiber: 8.5Gbps2ch
Transfer rate: 17Gbps
Transfer mode: Multi Mode
Internodal distance(MAX): 150m *1
Laser format: 850nm VCSEL
Laser safety standards: Class 1
Communication ConnectorCable
Fiber diameter: 50m
Connector format: LC connector
Communication Protocol
Original protocol
Transfer Rate
(Theoretical value
1.7GByte/s (writing)
Data Transfer Delay
250ns/Node Receiving Transmitting
Except cable delay
Connection Capabilities
Communication Controller (with FPGA)
AVAL DATA original protocol
512 Mbyte
Power Requirements
+12V: 1.3A
Environment *2
Operating temperature: 0 to 50
Humidity: 35% to 80%(non-condensing)
Environmental Consideration RoHS

*1: Maximum internodal distance differ according to the optical cable
*2: Storage environment
Temperature: -20 to 70 , Humidity 35% to 80% (non-condensing)

Connectable Products

APX-782 can be connected with following product.
It can easily share memory between products which in different plat forms or different systems.

On-board card product: AGM-782

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