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Software Development Kit


SDK-AcapLib2 is a software library for Camera Link frame grabber boards of APX series. It supports Windows OS, programming languages ''VC++'', ''VC#'' and ''VB.NET''. A development environment is 'Visual Studio 6.0'' and later.


The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice

Main Contents

Drivers(APX Series: Camera Link, CXP/ VirtualCOM)

Viewer tool to display the captured image (AcapLib2Viewer [no attached source])

Sample code(VC++ / VC# / VB.NET)

Example of connection with other company's image processing library(eVision /
FVX / HALCON / MIL / Sapera / VisionPro / CVL/Wil)

Example of connection with AVAL DATA's Optical communication module '' GiGA CHANNEL''

Manuals(Library manual / H/W manual)

Table of API Functions

AcapGetBoardInfo fo Get the board information
AcapOpen Open a device
AcapClose Close a device
AcapSelectFile Read / Write an ini file
AcapSetInfo Set up the image information
AcapGetInfo Get the image information
AcapSetBufferAddress Set up a buffer address
AcapGetBufferAddress Get a buffer address
AcapReflectParam Reflect a configuration parameter
AcapSetShutterTrigger Set up a shutter trigger
AcapGetShutterTrigger Get a shutter trigger mode
AcapSetLineTrigger Set up a line trigger
AcapGetLineTrigger Get a line trigger
AcapSetExternalTrigger Set up a external trigger
AcapGetExternalTrigger Get an external trigger
AcapSetStrobe Set up the strobe
AcapGetStrobe Get the strobe
AcapSetEncoder Set up an encoder
AcapGetEncoder Get an encoder
AcapImageConvert Convert an image bit
AcapRoiConvert Convert an image bit (ROI)
AcapSetBitAssign Set up an input bit and rearrangement
AcapGetBitAssign Get an input bit and rearrangement
AcapSetBitAssignEx Set up an input bit and rearrangement (extend)
AcapGetBitAssignEx Get an input bit and rearrangement (extend)
AcapGrabStart Start capturing image
AcapGrabStop Stop capturing Image
AcapGrabAbort Abort capturing
AcapGetFrameNo Get a present frame number and a line number
AcapSetEvent Register an event
AcapWaitEvent Stand-by an event
AcapRegistCallback Register a callback function
AcapRegistCallbackEx Register a callback function (extend)
AcapGetFileVersion Get a file version
AcapGetLastErrorCode Get an error value
AcapSerialOpen Open a serial port
AcapSerialClose Close a serial port
AcapSerialWrite Serial write (sending)
AcapSerialRead Serial read (receiving)
AcapSerialSetParameter Set up a serial parameter
AcapSerialGetParameter Get a serial parameter
AcapSetDmaOptionEx Set up the DMA method (extend)
AcapGetDmaOptionEx Get a DMA method (extend)
AcapSetGPOut Set up a GPOut signal output
AcapGetGPOut Get a GPOut signal output


Development Environment

Visual C++ / Visual C#/Visual Basic6.0/Visual Basic.NET

Borland C++ Definition file ''*.bc'' must be built on your own

Sample Program for OpenCV

Sample program for OpenCV for SDK-AcapLib2.
Download (Registration is required)

Expansion Library, INtime for APX-3312

Some function of SDK-AcapLib2 can be used in INtime.
Model: AWP-ACAPITM-01, Intended product: APX-3312A
Real-time image processing can be performed in the Windows system by instaling OpenCV to INtime.
Download (Registration is required)


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