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PCI Expressб
Camera Link I/F
Frame Grabber


APX-3307 is a LowProfile(half-height), PCI-Express, CameraLink interface frame grabber which enables image acquisition of 3-tap camera or two latest high-speed COMS area camera over
500fps. The fully-customized FPGA based on APX-3307 hardware enables the creation of an original image processing functions. External I/O interface circuit, including an external trigger, encoders is compatible with AVAL DATAs APX-3312.

rohsб CameraLink      

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice.
Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .

Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .




Eliminate lost pixels through LowProfile and PCI-Express4

Acquires sync/asynchronous images from Multi-camera systems by two base Configuration CameraLink interface with triggering and GPIO
Off-load and accelerate image processing to free and assist the CPU using customized ALTERA EP2A X260 FPGA

256MB of on board large capacity memory buffer

I/O interfaces are compatible with APX-3312


Image Acquisition I/F CameraLink Base Configuration2
SDR26 Pin connector : Up to 2 cameras
Sampling clock : 85MHz (MAX)
Pixel format : RGB color : 24 bit(RGB 888)
Monochrome : 8 bit(1/2/3Tap) /10/12 bit(1/2Tap)
PoCL Supported
Image Processing Rearrangement up to 8 taps, line inversion
Synchronous Output Camera control signal : CC1 to CC4
General purpose output : 2ch asynchronous
TTL/Open collector (or strobe auxiliary output)
Synchronous Input External trigger : TTL/Open collector / RS-422 differential signal
Encoder : RS-422 differential signal (line driver), A/B/Z phase, 1MHz(MAX)
General purpose input : TTL/Open collector
System bus
PCI Express 2.0 x4(Gen2)2.5 GT/S
Interrupt Start of image acquisition, end of DMA, GPIN
Power Consumption +12V
Environment Temperature : 0 to 50
Humidity : 35 to 85 (non-condensing)
Dimension LowProfile 120mm(L) x 64mm(H)
OS Windows
Software(Option) Development kit: SDK-AcapLib2
FPGA development kit:FDK

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