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 APX-3323GPU-TX1 is a GPU image processing board which supports one Camera Link camera (Base/Medium/Full Configuration).
 Highperformance GPU which installed NVIDIA Jetson TX1 (Tegra X1) offers high-speed and powerful image processing the image data from Camera Link I/F camera.
 The external I/O interface circuit, the external trigger or the encoder supports various system constructions such as the control device or the image processing device by performing image acquisition and high-speed image processing which work with peripheral device.



rohsб CameraLink      

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice.
Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .

Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .




  • Equipped with NVIDIA Inc.'s Jetson TX 1 as SoM

  • Capable of acquiring images from Base, Medium or Full Configration Camera Link camera

  • M.2SSD and micro SD can be installed as storage

  • CUDA asset can be used

  • Many free CUDA libraries are available

  • Image data can be transferred directly to GPU memory

  • Equipped with APX-3323 compatible I / O connector on panel side and rear side

  • PCI Express 2.0(GEN2) x 4-lane(5.0Gbps) is supported


Model APX-3323GPU
Image Processing Processor Tegra X1 (64bit ARM Cortex-A57 CPU256 Core GPU (Maxwell Architecture))
Front Panel I/F Camera Link Camera Link Base/Medium/Full Configuration1ch (SDR 26pin Connector2, PoCL)
USB3.0 1ch (USB3.0 Type-A)
LAN 1ch
MEMORY DDR2-SDRAM 256MB (Camera Link Controller Work Memory)
On-Board I/F I/O 1ch(BOX HEADER 10pin) External trigger input / GPINEncoder input
COM 1ch(BOX HEADER 10pin)
USB2.0 1ch
micro SD 1ch
mini DisplayPort 1ch
Interrupt Start of image acquisition, end of DMA, GPIN
System bus PCI Express 2.0 x 4-lane(Gen2) 5.0GT/S
Power Supply -
Power Consumption -
Environmental Consideration RoHS(e3A)
Environment Temperature : 0 to 50, Humidity : 35 to 80(non-condensing)
Dimension 254mm x 111.15mm (2slot)
OS Windows7 (32bit/64bit)
Software (Option) Software development kit : AVALDATA SDK

Front Panel


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