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PCI Expressб
Camera Link I/F
Frame grabber board


APX-3327 is a PCI-Express CameraLink I/F frame grabber, which enables image acquisition from one Base, Medium or Full Configration CameraLink camera. and it also supports PoCL. The fully-customized FPGA based on APX-3327 hardware enables the creation of an original image processing functions.

rohsб CameraLink    

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice.
Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .

Power consumption in the specification does not contain the inrush current .




Capable of acquiring images from Base, Medium or Full Configration Camera Link camera

Supports PoCL

512MB of on board large capacity memory buffer

(Image acquisition : 128MB, Image processing : 384MB)

PCI-Express2.0 4


Image Acquisition I/F CameraLink Base / Medium / Full Configration1ch
SDR26 Pin connector : Up to 2 cameras
Sampling clock : 85MHz (MAX)
Pixel format : RGB color : 24bit
Monochrome : 8bit (1 to 10 Tap) /10 to12bit (1 to 4Tap)
Supports area,line sensor camera
PoCL Supported
Memory DDR2-SDRAM512MB
(MEGA-FIFO:128MB, Work memory:384MB)
(User can develop the image processing circuit on FPGA)
Synchronous Output Camera control signal : CC1 to CC4
General purpose output : 2ch asynchronous
TTL/Open collector (strobe auxiliary output)
Synchronous Input External trigger : TTL/Open collector / RS-422 differential signal
Encoder : RS-422 differential signal (line driver), A/B/Z phase, 1MHz(MAX)
General purpose input : TTL/Open collector
System bus
PCI Express 2.0 4 (5.0 GT/S)
Interrupt Start of image acquisition, end of DMA, GPIN
Power Consumption +12V
Environment Temperature : 0 to 50
Humidity : 35 to 85 (non-condensing)
Dimension 168mm x 111mm
Panel width : 20mm (non-projection)
OS Windows

(32bit / 64bit)
Software(Option) Development kit : SDK-AcapLib2
FPGA development kit : FDK-APX3327

Front Panel


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