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PCI Express対応製品
CoaXPress Quad
Frame Grabber


APX-3636 is a PCIExpress Gen2 x 4Lane, CoaXpress compliant frame grabber board. It can connect up to six CXP-3 cameras. The software is compatible with existing model APX-3664.

rohs対応 CoaXPress

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice


  • High-speed image capture is possible with PCI Express 2.0 (Gen 2) 5.0 GT / s x 4

  • Conforms to "JIIA CXP - 001 - 2013 CoaXPress Standard Version 1.1"

  • 6 CoaXPress I/F installed. Up to 6 CXP-3 compatible cameras can be connected.

  • Supplying power to the camera by implementing PoCXP function.

  • Equipped with an external I / O interface, it can cooperate with external devices and generate interrupts.

  • With strobe timing output, it can notify exposure timing to external lighting device.

  • Implements 2 GByte large capacity buffer


Model APX-3636
Image Acquisition I/F CoaXPress Ver1.1 CXP-3 (3.125Gbps) x6ch PowerOver +24V (13W) x6ch ※CXP device : 3G EQC31Rxx
Power Over CoaXPress Generates +24V within the board from +12V external input
FPGA ArriaV-GX Series (ALTERA)
MEMORY DDR3-333MHz 512MB x16 : 4 Installed
I/O External trigger / GPIN / Encoder
 +5V-TTL input x8ch, RS422 input x4ch
GPOUT / Strobe
 +5V-TTL / Open collector output x4ch (+24V Withstand voltage)
Rear : +5V-TTL / Open collector output x2ch (+24V Withstand voltage)
TTL photocoupler input x6ch, Photocoupler output x6ch (+24V Withstand voltage)
Synchronization of between the boards to another board :GPIN, GOPUT
Interrupt Start of image acquisition, End of DMA, GPIN
System Bus PCI-Express2.0 x4-lane (Gen2) 1.6GB/S
Power Supply +12V±8%
*+12V External connecter (For PoCXP)
Power Consumption +12V:2A Max ※Except PoCXP
Environmental Consideration RoHS(e3A, A30C5
Environment Temperature : 0℃ to 50℃, Humidity : 35% to 85% ( Non-condensing)
Dimension (Board size) 190.00mmx111.15mm, Panel width : 20mm
OS Windows
Software (Option) Software development kit: SDK-TransFlayer


Camera connection example


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