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3D scanner image processing algorithm


In the 3D shape measurement by the optical cutting method , by using a white LED to slit light , to get the 3D shape and texture information of color , inspection of the shape inspection and texture became possible at the same time . Further review the center position extraction algorithm of the slit light , we are faster , the high resolution .

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice


  • Simultaneous acquisition of the 3D shape and color texture image !

  • High resolution of the 3D shape

  • Speeding up of multiple line measurement data output per frame

Development of the algorithm which extracts the center coordinates of the slit light

 In the conventional light-section method, we calculated the maximum value and the center of gravity of luminance values, and the peak by quadratic approximation, for determining the central position of the slit light. But We have developed a method to find out the center position with high accuracy and resistant to noises such as reflections.  Furthermore, in order to calculate the profile data of one line per image frame in the past, was a measurement speed that depends on the frame rate of the camera used in this method, the image of one frame per a plurality of lines ( 2, 3 Line in order to calculate the profile data of degree ), the camera frame rate x several times the measurement speed of will be realized.


Difference in using the slit light

LED slit light provides safety measurement without speckle noise or diffuse reflection in comparison with laser slit light. And it can acquire the color texture of an objectsimultaneously.Since the texture image is generated from slit light image, it can be acquired when 3D shape and position are matched completely.


Measurement Example



Inspection for scratches, wrinkles, flatness, dirt on steel sheet, resin plate, cloth or paper. Inspection for shape, volume, cracking, chipping, color of food, chemicals or wood.


Product Configuration Example


Product Configuration Example

Basic product
Processing Software Light-section processing library AZP-ALS-01
Slit Light White slit light LED AVD-60SW
Frame grabber Board APX-3302, APX-3323
Image processing Development Kit AZP-ACAP-02
Option Camera CameraLink I/F camera
Lens / Cable C Mount lens etc, CameraLink cable etc
Image processing PC ASI-1300 series, etc